About Body Map


We’re passionate about helping you find a sense of wellbeing and establishing your unique personal style.

Our decision to help women transform their wellbeing and confidence sprang from seeing women around us struggle to find energy, feel good about themselves, communicate their values and celebrate their natural beauty.


We discovered for ourselves the transformative power of working with both the ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ body: we gain vitality through exercise, good eating and quality relaxation and enjoy expressing ourselves externally through colour and design. We love sharing our knowledge with other women, either individually or in school, corporate or community groups. We will customise a program to suit your group.


Whether you have a highly demanding career, are looking for a simpler way of life or experiencing a big transition, Body Map is uniquely positioned to help you both feel better in your body and be comfortable about expressing yourself. Feel calmer, more energetic, more productive and more creative through giving your inside and outside body the attention it deserves.


How you feel impacts how you present yourself and what you wear can affect how you feel. So start working with the inside or outside body: whatever suits you. Mix ‘n’ Match: services can be undertaken separately or packaged together depending on where you want to begin. We map out the best strategy for your body.


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We very much look forward to working with YOU.


Nadine + Donna x


Our wide range of fabulous clients includes: