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Find the joy in what you wear.

If you’re interested in finding styles you love instead of slavishly following fashion; if you want to uncover your own personal style, be creative, confident and comfortable, let’s meet.

As a personal style specialist, a mentor, and previously an assistant documentary editor, I’ve seen how the ways we choose to present ourselves to others impacts their perception of us and subsequently, our relationships. And I’ve seen the powerful impact that enhanced presentation skills have on personal confidence and general enjoyment of life.

I’ve won awards for helping young people develop and establish themselves early in their careers and I’m now also focused on working with women as they transition from a primary career and re-establish themselves outside the corporate world. I have a realistic and nuanced understanding of contemporary women’s motivations and concerns and am very keen to help women through any kind of transition, including the dip in self esteem experienced by many women in mid-life. I work to counteract the damage mainstream media has on women’s self esteem.

My approach is nurturing and supportive. I enjoy working with a broad range of people including recent arrival migrants, people with disability, university graduates, Indigenous women, former refugees, corporate career women and teenagers in custody.

I combine my knowledge of visual design principles as they apply to the body with my understanding of communication, power dynamics and identity to help women present themselves. I have a keen interest in twentieth century fashion and social history.

I served as President of the Association for Image Consultants International (AICI) Melbourne Chapter from 2015-17, was Associate Editor of AICI GLOBAL magazine and I host Fashion by Foot personal style walking tours.

As well as working with Body Map I can be engaged directly here.

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