Body Map friends

As promoters of all things designed to help you feel good about your body, we present this list of others who share our vision.

We’ve handpicked this bunch because they’re experts in their field and share our standard for providing excellent and personalised service.


Rosemary Janc ND B.HSc- Nat ~ naturopath, herbalist & nutritionist


An experienced, knowledgeable and intuitive qualified Naturopath, whose compassionate and nurturing approach supports you to maintain health and vitality. Understanding the link between environment, food & lifestyle choices, thereby guiding and inspiring you to create a synergistic balance. All treatments are specific, holistic and tailored to your needs as a unique individual.


Mien natural therapies
Level 3, 370 Queens parade, Clifton Hill

Ph: 0408 529 014

Rosemary Janc



Katrina Bennetts – social media consultant


Katrina is passionate about helping women achieve their business goals by building their brand online. She helps you tell your story, build a brand and a loyal community of fans who will get to know and like you so much that they want nothing more than to help you succeed.


Ph:  0414 748 129

Silver Sparrow Social Media




Megg Minos – jeweller


Minos designs and makes jewellery that springs from a joyful fascination with materials, form, craft and nature. Each piece carries the patina and tool marks from the creative process, to remind the wearer that the artist is embodied in the work and that the piece is as unique as you are.


Helen Keegan – make-up artist

Helen Keegan is a professional make-up artist with a decade of industry experience. She has worked in a variety of fields including film imageand television, music, fashion, photographic and beauty. Helen offers a bespoke beauty service tailored to the needs of her individual clients. She is passionate about helping people articulate their own style and personality through make-up.


Ph: 0415 173 771




Angela Clark – jewellery designer

Angela is an extraordinarily innovative jewellery designer. All of her jewellery is hand-made, and most pieces are one-of-a-kind and 6579025_origlimited-production items.Her pieces are made from vintage Lucite, contemporary pieces and an array of vintage clasps, dress ornaments, buckles & brooches from the 1920’s through to the 1950’s.


105 Scotchmer Street, Fitzroy North

Ph: 03 9482 4021 / 0424 168 102

Angela Clark – Boutique Beads