After the super success of our recent day for women business owners we have a sparkling new ambition –

To create

1. The Perfect Retreat AND
2. The Perfect Mini Day Retreat (for those of you who have a little less time and opportunity to leave town; hello mums!)

Designed by YOU (in collaboration with us.) We want to run YOUR perfect retreat for getting away from it all and coming back transformed.

We KNOW we have awesome knowledge and skills to share on…

– Developing a positive relationship with food
– Food to make you happy
– Exercising with confidence, fun and creativity
– Understanding and revolutionising your relationship with your body
– Relaxing – fast.
– Working with negative emotions and low confidence and boosting positive emotions
– Colours to wear to make you glow
– History and sociology of clothing in the twentieth century and beyond
– Shape and proportion and how to create different effects for your body
– Uncovering your unique personal style
– How to develop all this into your own personal body map

…AND we’d love you to tell us, based on some of these things, what your perfect retreat looks like!

Please email us all or any of your thoughts on this to us at:


Looking forward to hearing from you and stay tuned for future info about these collaboratively designed retreats!

Nadine + Donna x



 Photo credit: ADoseofShipBoy / photo on flickr

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