Dressing for the fun in a run

The images we see 10 metres high and wide above our cityscapes – the beautiful, gleaming bodies of athletes in flight – might well be designed to stimulate our appetite for new trainers.

But do they really make us more keen to exercise? Or do they merely seem to reinforce that exercise is only for certain people; the elite. We look at the sleek limbs of the runners, the swimmers, the soccer players and their apparel – like their bodies – built for maximum efficiency and we wonder if we deserve to cram our own bodies into the same tight Lycra.

How different might the advertising be, and the design of the garments being pushed, were exercise to be (properly) conceptualised as something democratic ie for every type of body, something fun, that you do for mood, to feel great… and not just in order to be the ‘best’.

I bet the clothes would look pretty different. And that the advertising would not just get people to buy more track pants, but to get off their butts and throw themselves into making happy chemicals…I say ignore the images. And the next time you go for a run around the park, wear a big bow in your hair. Or something that makes you smile. (And if you’re having trouble exercising, talk to Body Map 🙂  )   http://bodymap.com.au/service/wellbeing/



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