For all the different mums in our lives

Families can be complex, but we all know a mum. This could be your own mum, a step-mum, a mum-in-law, a mum to be. Perhaps your daughter, best friend or step-daughter is a mum. Maybe you mentor a young mum. They come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing’s for certain – the mums in our lives face many of the same challenges.

Do you know a young mum, time challenged because she’s heading back to work, stressed as she adjusts to juggling work and family and concerned her work clothes don’t fit her any more?

Our Happily Calm package could be just the thing she needs to help her feel relaxed and organised.

Young mums struggling to manage their new role or find time and space to unwind benefit from Nadine’s one on one Positive Relaxation coaching.

More mature mums face different dilemmas. Being retrenched or retiring from the workforce can bring about some soul searching and potential identity crisis. When we’ve worn a corporate uniform for many years, it can be difficult to shake it off and know where to go next with our personal style. It’s hard to return to what we wore when we were young as tastes change and so do our bodies.

Embrace your new body and new life chapter with our Body Love package.

Whether it’s personal pampering or constructive advice on how to make the most of the bodies we live in, Body Map has something suited to every mum this Mothers Day.


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