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Fashion is fine, but it’s hard to keep up with, and sometimes it’s hard to understand! Women have looked great for centuries, and this has nothing to do with fashion. Regardless of what your ‘great’ is – elegant, androgynous, powerful, or you just want to fit in at the office – we can show you how to do it in a way that makes you happy.


Your skin looks healthy and clear and your eyes sparkle when you wear colours that harmonise with your natural colouring.

Choosing things in colours from your extensive palette means everything co-ordinates. This simplifies getting dressed, saves you time, and ensures you always look great – naturally.

Wearing colours that harmonise with your own natural colouring makes you glow. If you think someone looks great but you can’t quite work out why, it’s likely they’re wearing colours that brighten and add clarity to their features without overwhelming them.

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When we communicate, ideally we like to have people’s attention focused on our faces, particularly our eyes. Wearing colours that highlight, reflect or harmonise with your own colouring will do this for you. There will be a version of most colours to suit you, providing its tone, depth and intensity is in harmony with your natural colouring.

The theory behind the colour system we use is based on centuries of research, and is endorsed by contemporary colour theorists today. There are 18 separate colour palettes, one of which will be right for you, and then we personalise it further for you.

We can guide you on how to combine colours based on your natural contrast levels and offer advice on colouring hair and wearing makeup, glasses and jewellery. If your favourite colour is not included in your ideal palette, we can suggest ways for you to wear it in a way that still looks good.

Included is your swatch of approximately 50 colours and a colour guide explaining how to use it. Choosing clothes from your palette of ideal colours means that everything co-ordinates. This simplifies getting dressed, saving you time in the mornings, and ensures you always look great – naturally.



What you wear helps communicate the inner you. We explore your values, lifestyle, budget and goals to uncover your style direction.

Then the key is combining the inner you with the outer. We show you how your unique body and facial features can be highlighted, balanced or camouflaged, based on what you love about your body.

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Feeling good about the way you present yourself means you appear confident and at ease. It’s not about age or fashion but about authenticity and working with things like shape, lines and proportions.

Ironically, by choosing how to cover your body, you actually reveal more of who you are on the inside. It’s important to know what you want to convey and select clothing combinations to portray this. Even apathetic attitudes to clothes reflect certain values or lifestyles.

If you’ve experienced significant change in your life, are getting back on track after a crisis, or are exploring something new, you may feel like refreshing the way you present yourself. We help you to express your new sense of self on the outside. Think comfort and confidence.

Understanding what’s important to you, the image you want to project, and why, and then working out how your clothing choices can help you convey that with authenticity, will result in a style that is unique to you and genuinely reflects your values and priorities.

Through understanding the unique lines in your body and considering your vertical and horizontal shapes and proportions as well as your visual texture, you can learn what works for you in terms of silhouette, scale, fabric drape, jewellery, glasses shape, hairstyle, pattern and texture. You can design contrast, focal points and harmony, just as in art. Your own body and facial shapes and features can be highlighted, balanced or camouflaged as you wish. We teach you how to do this based on what you love about your body.

Your personal values, lifestyle commitments, preferences, budget, your goals and what you want to communicate are all considered. Whether your look is Parisian chic, rock chic, or something in between, the key is to balance all this in a way that is authentic for you. That’s personal style.

Included are personalised notes and images you can refer to for guidance into the future.


Also available via Skype


It’s easier to work with fewer clothes that co-ordinate and reflect who you are than having masses of clothes that don’t fit together.

It’s not about buying a whole stack of new things; we give you ideas on how your existing clothes can be worn in different ways. We can advise on a plan to buy new stuff over time, and help you organise things to make it easier to co-ordinate stuff thereby reducing time and stress.

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You will save time through knowing they go together and save money through not having ‘orphan’ clothing in your wardrobe that doesn’t go with the other stuff you have.

Once we understand your priorities through Style Direction and Body Harmonising, we can take you through this very hands on, practical service. Wardrobe planning can also be undertaken without Style Direction and Body Harmonising, however the more we understand your priorities and goals beforehand, the more value you will get from it.

In Wardrobe Planning we base our advice on your lifestyle requirements, personal preferences and physical features and introduce you to the concept of capsule wardrobes, built around a theme or individual need. By starting simple, you can build up useful and usable ranges of clothing.

It’s not about buying a whole stack of new things – we go through what you already own and sort into categories – great, great with some alterations, and great to give away 😉  We leave you with ideas on how your existing clothing can be paired with different things or worn in different ways. There’s a multitude of ways your wardrobe can be repurposed, transformed and upcycled. Very often it just takes a new set of eyes to discover the possibilities. If required, we can collaborate on a plan for new stuff to buy over time, taking into consideration your priorities and your budget.

We can also suggest ways of physically organising your clothes and accessories that will save you space and make it easier to co-ordinate outfits, reducing time and stress in the mornings.

$280 for 2.5 hours


If you dread buying clothes, our guided personal shopping makes the experience quicker, easier and less painful as you will benefit from our friendly support.

If you have limited language, vision or mobility we can help you shop. Where we shop is up to you. We will be honest in our opinions as to whether things suit and fit you as we’re not paid to sell the clothing: we’d rather see you looking good and feeling comfortable and confident.

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Some women dread buying clothes – they hate choosing what to take to the fitting room, they hate actually trying the clothes on. This experience can be even harder for women with limited language, vision or mobility. Guided personal shopping can make the experience quicker, easier and less painful.

If you can relate to any of the above, you will benefit from this service. We can easily eliminate clothing that won’t suit your purpose, so you don’t waste time trying it on. We can hold clothing while you’re in the fitting room, avoiding the issue of having to get dressed and start again because of fitting room limits. We can liaise with the shop staff on your behalf.

If you have a significant event coming up, such as a job interview or a special occasion where you want to present yourself well, this service is a good investment. We can also accompany you to offer advice on clothes as part of a wardrobe plan or to reflect your individual style. To save you even more time, we can research ahead of meeting up with you, and arrange for things to be held for you to try on.

Where we shop is up to you. We will happily advise based on your priorities, budget and personal values, or you can choose to meet us anywhere from designer boutiques, department stores, vintage shops or markets based on whatever preferences you may have; such as value for money, quality, organic fabrics, fair trade or local manufacturing or finding unique pieces. This is all about your own personal style.

We can even advise you on your online shopping – although it’s always better to feel the fabric, see the colour and experience the fit in order to get your choice right.

When we are guiding you through personal shopping, we will give you honest opinions as to whether the clothing suits you and fits you, as we’re not getting paid to sell the clothing – we’d rather see you looking good and feeling comfortable and confident.

$300 for 2 hours, basic preliminary research included

Extra hours on same day: $70 each
Discounts may apply for women with special needs

$400 for 2 hours with extensive enquiries with retailers made ahead of appointment time

Extra hours on same day: $80 each
Discounts may apply for women with special needs


If you want a trained and objective eye to give complete and honest feedback on your outfits and options for improving or varying them, this service is for you.

We’ll suggest accessories to spice it up, comment on your jacket and shoe options, advise you on colour and hem lengths, fabric and fit, and even suggest how you might wear your hair – everything you need to look and feel good without splurging on a complete new outfit and still be left wondering.

This service is time efficient too as we can deliver this one without you even leaving home. Save money, shopping time and angst.

Simply email us to book in a call time so we can chat about your outfit, where you’ll be heading and what you’ll be doing in it. Then email photos of yourself in your outfit from the front, back and both sides. Try to ensure they’re taken in good natural light and by someone other than yourself, so we can see clearly what you look like and how well the clothes sit on you.



Here are some ideas for packaging our services. If you have other ideas about combinations you’d like, please contact us and we’ll work out a special price.

1. Colour Analysis + Style Direction $450

2. Style Direction + Wardrobe Planning $490

3. Colour Analysis + Wardrobe Planning $450

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All prices Inclusive of GST.