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wellbeing + style strategies

Our mini strategies allow you to make a start on your brilliant journey to feeling good about you!

You’ll receive personal attention from both Nadine and Donna through individual sessions to boost how you feel inside and enhance the way you present yourself on the outside.

Choose from our range of four mini strategies to restore confidence and become radiant from the inside to the outside, from smile to style.


Strategy 1: Body love

Learn how to feel great in the body you have and dress it up to celebrate its beauty and all it does for you.

Body image + Style Direction

Take some time to explore where your feelings about your body come and learn how to combat the negative voices and turn up the volume on the positive ones. Let your body get you out there and into life!

Learn to feel excited about the way you present yourself so you appear confident and at ease. We discuss all the things you need to reveal and enhance your personal style such as your values, lifestyle commitments, clothing preferences, budget, goals and what you want to communicate to the world.

Through using design principles that take into account your unique features we focus on what you want to highlight about your shape, and show you how to achieve this through fabric choices, accessories, hairstyle and clothing options.

Feel great and celebrate who you are!



Strategy 2: Happily calm

Take the stress out! Learn some great techniques for relaxation and learn how to simplify your wardrobe to find the clothes you need so you feel relaxed, organised and at ease.

Relaxation + Wardrobe Efficiency

Find the switch that will flip you from frantic to chilled. Identify activities and ways of thinking that will make life easier and more wonderful.

If you’re busy and have competing priorities you know how useful it is to have things well organised. The more things you can have ready to go or use the better. One thing that can help is an organised wardrobe.

An organised wardrobe allows you to see your clothes clearly. There are various ways you could organise them; the best option for you will depend on your lifestyle demands and the physical storage space you have.

And you’ll be pleased to know that having fewer clothes that co-ordinate well is so much easier to manage than having a multitude of orphan clothing, where each garment might well be gorgeous but can’t be easily matched with others you own. We’ll show you how to build a capsule wardrobe so you will have so many more options as your clothes mix and match. This will speed up your sartorial decisions, de-stress you on a daily basis and make it so much easier to pack for frequent business trips.


Also available via Skype


Strategy 3: Super energy

Learn how to get past your mental blocks and start moving in a way you can enjoy. Discover colours you can wear to highlight your newly found vibrancy and radiance.

Exercise + Colour Analysis

Exercise isn’t just for the elite or the body confident. Every body – your body – body was designed to move. Discover how you can bring enjoyment to being active and the best way of being active for you.

If you’ve ever noticed what a huge difference a dramatic hair colour change can have on someone’s appearance, you’ll understand how powerful colour is to the way we’re perceived. This is also the case with clothing colour. Some colours drain us of life, making us look tired or unwell. Other colours boost our complexion and help us look radiant.

If you want to make your eyes a feature or give your skin a healthy glow, a colour analysis could be just what you need to complement your newly released energy and the recent spring in your step.



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You’re welcome to contact us to find out more about any of our mini strategies or if there are other combinations you’d like, just let us know.