A lot of us go through the whole day feeling sluggish or even anxious. It’s tempting to see this as an inevitable part of modern life. But everyone – busy workers or carers or women at crucial transition points – can find ways to simplify their choices and to take care of their bodies and health. Feel vital and good in your skin!


Even if we know what we ‘should’ eat or how we would like to eat we often struggle to stick to a plan. Finding a happy relationship with food means considering the personal meaning eating and food have for us and our unique experiences with these things.


Enjoy exploring how food makes you feel, how you consume it and what will truly motivate you to stick to your personal eating plan. Love what you eat. Uncomplicate your eating!



Exercise is fun and good for you…So you’ve been told! Or maybe you used to love exercise but don’t know where your motivation went. If exercise makes you sweat, and that’s just thinking about it, this service is for you.


We will help you find a personalised approach to exercise that delivers fun, and a sense of accomplishment and meaning. We will give you an ideally matched exercise plan and highly tailored self-motivational tools. Take the dread out of exercise. Seize the joy!



Bodies can be anything: strong, nurturing, beautiful or practical…But many of us don’t like our bodies very much, or feel disconnected from them or just don’t know how to relate to them. Looking at your relationship with your body can be a little bit scary but it can also be fun.


We can help you explore how you see your body and where these ideas come from, and give you new ways to think about it. This can help you reconcile with your body or even learn to love it. You can be confident in your body!



Many of us struggle to find the time or space to unwind. Some us are unsure even how to relax. Having a relaxed body and calm mind is as great for our health as our happiness. When we are relaxed we can think more clearly and often see things in our lives differently.


Learn how to identify areas of stress in your life and benefit from meditational and other relaxation tools that fit best with your lifestyle and personality.


Everyone can find ways to simplify their choices and to take care of their bodies and health. Feel vital and good in your skin!
Our appearance may not be the most important thing about us but it is the first thing we offer to someone when we meet them and our first impressions of people tend to remain with us
Our wellbeing + style mini strategies allow you to make a start on your brilliant journey to feeling good.

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