Putting an outfit together is like any other creative process, only you’re designing it to fit on your own body.
It’s highly personal, but how well do you know your own body? Have you analysed its shapes and lines and do you know how its shapes and lines relate to different styles of clothing?
If you’re in doubt, come along to find out how to choose clothing styles and create silhouettes to suit your shape.
We’ll explore the role balance and proportion play in constructing an outfit, the transformative effect of a neckline and the power of accessories.
We’ll have you leave knowing how to:
  • design an outfit that enhances what you like about your body
  • construct a silhouette that hides what you don’t love
  • identify what necklines look best on you
  • select accessories that attract attention where you want it
  • and never thinking about sizing again!
This workshop will involve some listening, some analysing, some reflection and some getting involved in playful activities. It will be gentle, respectful and informal.
2.5 hours
Wednesday 19 July, 7pm – 9.30pm



Donna Cameron,

an Australian based Personal Style Specialist and President of the Association of Image Consultants International Melbourne Chapter, works with you to find the joy in what you wear.
If you’re interested in finding styles you love instead of slavishly following fashion; if you want to uncover your own personal style, be creative, confident and comfortable, come and meet Donna.



Workshop venue:

The Talbot
A friendly, light filled London pub that serves fresh, homemade food in a garden setting. We’ll be upstairs in our own room, where the daylight will still be streaming in.
2 Tyrwhitt Road, London, SE4 1QG




To secure your place…

£35 will get you:

  • a place in the class
  • new insights into how to dress your body
  • light refreshments, and

Register and pay for this workshop securely via PayPal here.

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