Who are you without your work?

If you never had to work a corporate or professional office job again, how different would your wardrobe be? You may think it reflects who you are but if you’ve recently been retrenched, retired or resigned, never to return to a corporate job again, how much of your current wardrobe would you really wear?

As much as you’ve tried to have your work wardrobe reflect your values, taste or unique personal style, if you never again had to greet clients, compete for promotions or develop professional relationships, would you actually choose to wear what’s currently hanging in your wardrobe?

Would you instead return to what you wore when you were younger? Would it be more edgy, more comfortable, cheaper, easier to maintain? Perhaps you think you wouldn’t care what you wore?

A retrenchment, retirement or resignation may not feel comfortable at the time, but it’s a great opportunity for identifying who you are at a particular point and for thinking about the direction you’d like to see your life head in next. Use this opportunity to discover more about the real you.



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