your best beauty is ahead of you/ contagious beauty

A decline in beauty of the kind the mass media tells us is the only kind that exists – smooth-cheeked wide-eyed youthfulness – represents a wonderful opportunity for many women.

When we no longer attract social attention for merely standing around in a pretty dress or a cool pair of jeans, we have to get to work acquiring other alluring characteristics. We have to, that is, have something beneath the surface: more nuanced opinions, inspiring hobbies and a richer interest in others, for example.


The good news is that the first two of these lead inherently to a more satisfying life. Also – and here is a special bonus – deepening your interest in and empathy with others makes you more likeable than do those things that are most evident about you when someone first glimpses you, ie how statically attractive you are.


Being excited or passionate about something also gives you a glow, a dynamism, charisma. When your passion happens to be helping others to be their best, you exude a beauty that’s transmissable (because you make someone else believe in themselves and feel excited about life.) It’s a nice idea, isn’t it, spreading beauty?


When you are engaged more fully with life and others you can start to think more creatively about how you clothe yourself. Gone is the need for a ‘two-dimensional’ prettiness. What is left is an endless variety of ways to express who you are and what you care about.


Body Map loves helping women embrace both a zest for life/new identity as well as capacity to represent that through their what they wear.


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